"If all the cats become happier,
all the people can
become much happier."
toletta with Apple Cats Project
Do you know "Apple Cats"?
What is "Apple Cats"?
“Apple Cats” are the cats who are infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).
Humans or other animals wouldn’t be infected with FIV.
There are some cats finishes their long lives naturally with keeping immune functions even if they are infected with FIV.
For details, please refer to the webpage of “Neco Republic” which is the god parent of Apple Cats
toletta is working on
animal protect actions
to help "Apple Cats"
Why helping Apple Cats?
We also love cats living outside
We all love cats. Cats provide us a lot of joys and impressions.
That is why we developed toletta.
We want our dear cats to live healthier and happier lives.
This wish is not only for our cats waiting for us at home, but also for the ones living outside.
Apple Cats are in severe situation
The beginning of us thinking about helping Apple Cats is our cat office member “Uoh-chan” living at our office.
“Uoh-chan” is an Apple Cat. We got a chance to know about Apple Cats when we adopted her from rescued cat cafe “Neco Republic Nakano,” where only rescued Apple Cats waiting for their foster families.
They are tend to be misunderstood by the word “AIDS”.
Finding foster families for them is very difficult.
As we got to know about these situations of Apple Cats, we started to think about what we can do for them.
Also, the days with Uoh-chan, an Apple Cat, is almost the same as the one with other healthy cats.
As we actually experience this happiness with Apple Cat, we thought we are the one who needs to stand up for them.
“If all the cats become happier, all the people can be happier.”
In order to make this wish come true, “toletta with Apple Cats” project has started.
What can we do?
Through the days with Uoh-chan, we get to “know,” “understand,” and “love” Apple Cats.
We also hople everyone to love Apple Cats.
For that, we work on what we can do.
Actions to make many people “know” Apple Cats, Actions to make many people “understand” Apple Cats, and Actions to make many people “love” Apple Cats.
Here, we start with our actions to make everyone "know" Apple Cats.
3 cats siblings appear on toletta’s official website.
Their names are “Riku(Field), Kai(Ocean), Kuu(Sky)” and they are all siblings of Apple Cat live at “Neco Republic Nakano”.
They did a great job cheerfully to promote toletta, and they are also waiting for the foster familly to spend happy days together forever.
We hope as many people as possible to know about Apple Cats through toletta.
By "a Prime Minister of Neco Republic: Asaka Kawase," also the god parent of Apple Cats
"Apple Cats" is a coined word created by Neco Republic.
At our store in Nakano, Tokyo which is the rescued cat cafe only with Apple Cats, there are many Apple Cats spending their days happily and cheerfully.
For those cats infected with FIV, there is no difference from other cats if FIV really develops.
However, sadly their fact being infected with FIV is being a big hindrance of their adoptions.
Stress is a powerful enemy for Apple Cats!
For any cats, stress can be a big cause of their diseases.
Also for Apple Cats, living in a stress-free environment leads to reduct their risks of FIV development.
I believe that toletta's support for Apple Cats means a lot.
Also, I hope that the existence of Apple Cats cafe Neco Republic Nakano will be the symbol of adoption promotions of Apple Cats.