Cat Health Care with A Smart Litter Box.

Protect your cat from urological diseases. Help your precious cat live longer and happier.

Don't miss your cat's "SOS".

Urological diseases such as urinary tract calculi and a chronic kidney disease that one of three of them of the domestic cat suffers from. The advanced age cat 15 years or older is considered to be an onset rate of more than 70%.

Cats are very patient animal and try to hide their illnesses. Even though your cats love you so much, they’ll still do this. Yet, they are actually sending of signs. It is important for you to quickly notice such signs in order to discover important changes in your cats’ health condition.




What can you do with toletta® ?

Automatically checks cat’s urine 24 hours a day

The cat’s weight, urine volume, and the number of visits to toletta are automatically recorded in the application. You can check those data from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

No collar needed. AI identifies the cat’s face

Toletta manages the health of each cat when you have multiple cats. The AI ​​camera can identify any number of cats without a collar.

If there is something wrong with the cats’ health data, the veterinarian will alert you.

The disease detection rate by the alert is 97.5%!
If your cat’s health data is something wrong, our veterinarian will alert you via LINE. You can also consult your veterinarian for your cat’s health.

Technology and Veterinarian.
Next-generation cat health care

The smart litter box named toletta® measures healthy indications such as the weight, the volume of urine automatically only by a cat entering the toilet.
It is the subscription type of health care service that toletta® and the online / visit vet service by the our veterinarian.


Yes, you can manage data for multiple cats and toletta® collectively.
It is possible to add cats or another toletta® while you use it.

Toletta® is equipped with a camera that uses a face recognition technology (patented) that identifies a cat's face with AI, without a collar or tag.

* For the first few days of use, learning tasks are required for the toletta® to identify cats. At first, it is necessary for you to distinguish the pictures taken by toletta® and tell the AI which is who, but once this work is done correctly, the identification will be possible.

Toletta® can identify as many cats as you like, as long as the owner can distinguish them in the photo.

● Cat sand
System Toilet cat litter that is compatible with toilets and that does not “clump / crumble / absorb” can be used.
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Litter Pellets

● Urine absorption sheet
You can use any commercially available urine absorption pad as far as it fits the Urine tray Vertical 42cm X Horizontal 29cm.
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Pads

At this moment, toletta and its online vet service can be used by anyone living in Japan. In Japan, the “Premium Plan” that includes house call by vet can be provided only to customers living in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama area.

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