Help your precious cat live longer and happier.

Cat Health Care with A Smart Litter Box

Protect your cat from urological diseases.

Don't miss your cat's "SOS".

Toletta is a IoT cat litter box that was born to protect cats from "kidney and urological diseases".

Easy cat health care with your smartphone.

Automatically checks cat’s urine 24 hours a day. The cat’s weight, urine volume, and the number of visits to toletta are automatically recorded in the application. You can check those data from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Veterinarian-developed AI will catch your cats' physical condition change and alert you.

If your cat’s health data is something wrong, a veterinarian-developed AI will alert you.

No collar needed and Cat-friendly. AI identifies the cat’s face

Toletta manages the health of each cat when you have multiple cats. The AI ​​camera can identify any number of cats without a collar.

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