App the latest version of the release announcement【payment system to shift】

about toletta thank you for it.

2020 Years 5 months 25 days toletta®app with a new version of.
App Store update please.

android 32bit version of the application you, 5/26 support was completed. You can,print a copy out!.

From this upgrade, for your convenience, the payment system is migrated.

Ever [Basic / Premium plan] do you use your customers to the
separate stores. jp from the monthly fee payment, but
the future is the in-app payment facilities.

Also, after the update the app in themonthly payment amount and checkonly.

※ Thisapplication version up&settlement system migration, with theformer payment system (storesjp)of scheduled flights are automatically cancelled.
Sequential"flights cancel mail"you will receive, and
have a contract plan that it will continue to
former prices(app and monthly fee)of the payment in respect of settlement systems(the stores. jp)and there is no change. And procedures is required.

The change procedure below.

■ In 2020 4 the end of the [basic/premium plan】subscribe to you

[important] toletta settlement system migration of more guidance

■in 2020 5 a month after a new toletta application is below, based on the registration to proceed, please

【2020 and 5 months since the new toletta use】 The new registration step will guide

future users more comfortable to use improvement.