[Important] toletta settlement system migration details of the information

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This degree in 2020 5 May 25, more,
currently, basic/premium plan to use our to the subject,for your convenience,
the payment and settlement systems(stores. jp) from the new payment system transition completed.

※ This application version up&settlement system migration, with the former payment system (storesjp)of scheduled flights are automatically cancelled.
Sequential"flights cancel mail"you will receive, andhave a contract plan that you can continue to use

the following payment information for the migration step guide.

Note: the price (in-app monthly fee 500 yen)of the payment in respect of settlement systems(the stores. jp)and there is no change. And procedures is required.

Payment information migration step

① update your app

to the App store or Google Play Store and open>toletta search for>updates
(updates and the update button does not appear, latest version of app only)

② agreeing to be bound by the terms of use login


③ "payment registration" Tap

④ payment card's registered

billing information, check the"Register"button

* note that the"Register"button there is no reaction even if the one to return to the previous screen and re-enter the credit card information please.

⑤ Registration complete! The timeline screen is displayed

frequently asked questions

Q. plan and monthly payment amount of the check from where you can?
A. my page>plan type, plan confirmation screen is displayed.

"Breakdown"...the monthly payment amount displays a breakdown of
"history"...the billing history view

Q. card information when there is a change what should I do?
A. my page > plan>payment method tap on the right edge of


Q. from this plan to add to join this claim how?
A. 1 the chief of the billing cycle to match the number of days will be invoiced.
1 chief of...5/1 to the date of the agreement and plan only
2 Chief of the Cat...5/25 on the plan

in this case,
・1 chief of the 6 month fee (1 month)
・2 Chief of the 5 end of day rate (5 days min)
・2 Chief of the 6 month fee (1 month)
=6/1 to 2 months+5 days ' worth of plan charges may occur.

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