【In 2020 5 a month after a new toletta use】new registration step guide

this time,toletta to available in.

In 2020 5 a month after a new toletta purchase to,and received prior to the
application of the registration and payment method registration step of,Frequently Asked Questions Guide you.

Application for member registration-payment method registration step of the

toletta shipped in from the paper, read the QR code sign do

hotmail, live. jp use case, domain designation reception for enquiries, the case is many situations. Sorry, the other email address to use to do so.

Also, mobile phone the email address of those who use the [@toletta. jp] of a domain can receive setting. (For more information contract each of the carrier contact)

② agreeing to be bound by the terms of use login


③ "payment Register"button

④ payment card's registered

billing information, check the"Register"button

* note that the"register" Tap the button if there is no reaction when you once one to return to the previous screen and re-enter the credit card information please.

⑤ Registration complete!

ItsWi-Fi connectionto proceed. Application of the procedure to find the settings please.

Frequently asked questions

Q. plan and monthly payment amount of the check from where you can?
A. my page>plan type, plan confirmation screen is displayed.

"Breakdown"...the monthly payment amount displays a breakdown of
"history"...the billing history view

Q. card information when there is a change what should I do?
A. my page > plan>payment method tap on the right edge of


Q.from this plan to add to join this claim how?
A.1 the chief of the billing cycleto match the number of days will be invoiced.


1 chief of...7/1 to the date of the agreement and Plan
2 the chief of the...7/25 on the plan

in this case, plan your bill of fare is as follows.

< 7 month of the request>
・1 chief of the 7 month fee (1 month)

<8 On Request>
・1 chief of this 8-month fee (1 month)
・2 Chief of the 7 end of day rate
・2 Chief of this 8-month fee (1 month)


Q. Can I cancel that and app what would happen?
A. If you cancel,any plan for the app is your you.
(Features like this to identify/WC data monitoring/data graph display function/calendar・memo function are also included and you)


if you have any questions, please contact our support or not.
In the future, apply the theme to transform your background screen, icon and launcher widget!:

toletta support team