【To all new plan subscribers】Registration information of Toretta Neko Hospital LINE

For new Basic/Premium subscribers

This timeBasic/PremiumThank you very much for joining the plan.

To use the "Online Consultation with Veterinarians" and "AI Mimamori Function" of The Tretta Neko Hospital,
Please register your friends to LINE of Toretta Neko Hospital from the following URL.
【Name】 Please contact the "email address used to register as a member of toletta] in the talk.

▼Toretta Neko Hospital LINE▼

If you do not subscribe to the Basic/Premium Plan of Tretta Neko Hospital, or if you do not have a smart cat toilet toletta, you are not available.

There is no limit to the number of consultations.
From your worries about your illness to your diet, please feel free to contact us!

I'm sorry to trouble you, thank you.

toletta support team