Limited to 300 yen! Smart cat toilet "treetta (tretta)" is a long-awaited resale!

Hachi Tama (Director: koji Horie), a smart toilet toilet, has been set up a subscription plan for "tretta TA hospital" in the medical clinic of Tochigi hospital since April We start selling. Initial expenses are 9800 yen (according to tax) and only 300 Limited sales.

What is the service offered by toletta?

The smart cat toilet "toletta" is a total of 2400 units, and the number of registered cats exceeds 2000(※)IOT Cat Toilet. The number of toilet data collected in toletta exceeded 2 million. In addition, we run the next generation hospital, "tretta Neko hospital", which utilizes the technology of AI and IOT, and "online hospital service" that the veterinarian monitors and advises on the basis of the data of the cat, and the "medical examination" which minimizes the stress of the hospital It is provided in the declaration plan.Home inspection

On February 22, 2020, the "toretta" subscription program for tretta Neko hospital was set to be limited to 150 sets, and it was sold completely for the first time.

Detection rate by veterinarian alert is

"Ai Mimi function", one of the "online hospital services", is a service to evaluate the aleretta data by the AI and to notify the alert from a veterinarian. Detection rates in alerts from veterinarians(※)Was 80%. After the alert notification, the veterinarian will carefully talk about her cat on line and advise her owner of the proper care method.

(1) after the alert notification between March 9 and March 20, 2020, the percentage of the cat who had been diagnosed as a disease in the hospital after the alert notification or was already 'sick'

High evaluation from visiting users

Since the start of service on February 22, 2020, we have received a lot of visits to our customers using our visiting services.

Your voice:

It was a system really hoped. You can check it up with a minimum burden and feel more secure

It was very difficult for me to go to the hospital

Because the cat was terrible in the hospital, I was not able to hear the talk slowly to the teacher slowly, so I was very glad to hear it

Treta Neko hospital visit service is provided by 2222 yen per month (subscription by tax). In addition to two health check-up included in the basic plan, various tests, treatment and care are also supported.

300 rebounds limited! How to apply?

The number of pre registrants waiting for resale exceeds 1500, and the order is expected to rush. Please accept. Yoshida

Date: April 10, 2020
Number of sales units: 300
Sales price: initial expenses
Sales pageBing Web: tretta

Flow of application
HereAfter the order of toletta, we will apply to the subscription plan according to our support.

Other questions areHereSee.