Don't lose to Corona! Smart cat toilet "toletta- toretta" is upgraded Provide online veterinarian service to all users!

[20,000 yen off] version up commemorative sale. The initial cost of 29,800 yen is 9,800 yen.

Smart Cat Toilet "toletta® (Toretta) "https://tolettacat.comOn May 1, 2020, Koji Hori, President and CEO of Hachitama Co., Ltd., will launch the "Online Veterinarian Service", which consists of the veterinarian mimamori function and the LINE consultation function to the veterinarian.


【1】"Online Veterinarian Service" attracting attention in corona vortex

What is the Online Veterinarian Service?
The data of smart cat toilet "toletta" is analyzed daily by the veterinarian. Based on the data of six items, such as the weight and urine collected by toletta, check for abnormalities in the cat. If an abnormality is discovered, line will alert the owner immediately. Once you get the alert, you can communicate with the veterinarian as it is with line. Not only about alerts, but also for detailed daily consultations.

■Veterinarian in charge

Our veterinarian, Asami , Thistle , left , and Chiba -right

♦Past achievements
If you issued an alert

  • One day, the number of times to enter the toilet, the number of urine, and the amount of urine suddenly increased, so i notified the alert, and i was examined at a hospital near the owner's neighborhood, and found that it had become cystitis. It is treated by the therapy diet as it is and it recovers well. The number of times toletta entered the room, the number of urine, and the amount of urine returned to the standard value, and the progress was confirmed to be good.

Cases where you have been consulted

  • Consultation with a cat that often coughs repeatedly after drinking water. Check for detailed consultation and videos of cats drinking water, and advise your veterinarian on how to feed water. After that, i was contacted by the company that the cough ing was less obvious than before, and that it was effective for line consultation.

♦The need for online veterinarian services

After being notified by a veterinarian, 80% of the people who were examined at a nearby hospital found the disease. Toletta and online veterinarian services play a major role in early detection of diseases of the urinary system, which are common in cats. In addition, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we receive nearly 300 LINE consultations a month, veterinarians carefully interview edon line of the case, advice to owners on appropriate care with photos and videos, and use it to help with health care.


【2】Tretta's Fee System Service Menu

■Tretta Online Veterinarian Service Pricing System

♦Contents of the sale
Period: Friday, May 1, 2020 - Sunday, May 31, 2020
*We will deliver from May 25 (Mon)
Price: 9,800 yen + 1,111 yen/ monthly ~

How to buy toletta
You can purchase it at the following site.
Our site:

How to apply for online veterinarian service
After downloading the toletta app, you can apply from the app.

We are looking for sales partners( protective cat organizations, etc.)
Until Hachita Co., Ltd., we are engaged in animal welfare initiatives. Hachitama neko employee's u-chan and chama are also former protective cats. We would like to cooperate with protective organizations, protected cat cafes, etc., and we are looking for sales partners. Please contact us for more information.


【3】Started the development of online animal care.
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, people have been banned from online medical care since their first visit, but veterinary medicine has not yet been lifted. On the other hand, due to the growing need for online animal care, we have started research and development. More details will be released at a later date.

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