[news] about a shift of the トレッタ formula HP

Thank you for always using smart cat restroom "toletta®" and トレッタ cat hospital.


We are shifting progressively in a shopping site to be able to use service of トレッタ by all of you comfortably. The details of the shift list it in the lower part of this article.


There is the possibility that it occurs because of the parallel of temporary plural systems to cause inconvenience, but, please understand it.
If you have any questions,ThisPlease refer more.


[the details of the system shift]

1.About a sale platform

I change smart cat restroom "toletta®" and the sale platform of the allied service as follows sequentially.

It is before a change: STORES.jphttps://hachitama.stores.jp/
After a change: トレッタ official sitehttps://tolettacat.com/

※At at May 1, 2020, it is with the form to have the plan purchase, the purchase of exchange parts follow it and purchase it in STORES.jp of the additional purchase, the トレッタ cat hospital in smart cat restroom "toletta®".


2.About a sign-in

With the change mentioned above, I am changed about registration of the member information, the management of the order history in "the トレッタ official site" from "STORES.jp" when I have you do shopping.

To become the system which is different from "STORES.jp" in "トレッタ official site ,"From the order history of the トレッタ official site, you cannot confirm the order for STORES.jp historyPlease warn ので.

Please confirm the order history in STORES.jp after login from STORES.jp.

※When member information of STORES.jp becomes needless,ThisAfter having had you log in, I resign and file, and から, please.

You can confirm the agreement about the member information than follows.

Agreement about the purchase
Privacy policy


I cause you an inconvenient nuisance and I am very grateful, but ask so that it can be understood.


Bee たま Co., Ltd.