[First 30 pax limited] smart cat toilet toletta®is a 1 month trial campaign!

smart cat toilet"toletta(play)"(https://tolettacat.com)is a low-lying riverine bees for (Representative Director:Hori 宏治)in 2020, 5 November 11 (Mon)〜2020 Years 5 months 25 days(a month)for the duration of the"pick up and Play, 1-month trial campaign"will be held.

A lot of this is all that"new tire to my problem"

the smart cat toilet toletta, a lot of it and ailurophile who patronize, and more. However, this is new to strong vigilance, especially the new toilet to the migration of the weak children and there are many. Therefore, the"toletta introduced most of the children have some anxiety"with the owner from consultation of us all.
This is a trouble to answer for,"toletta1 months trial campaign"will be held.


Campaign content?

First to the target user,6 June 1 (Mon)〜6 month 30 days (Tuesday) 1 months toletta to try it. toletta is usually the initial cost 29,800 yen (excluding tax), but this campaign is 1 months, 1,000 yen (excluding tax)is to try it. Separately,toletta app for basic use and service, for the basic plan of the normal monthly fee will apply. Campaign to apply for is limited to 30 persons, per person single subject to change without notice.

1 months trial then how?

1 months for trial, after a"purchase" or "return"can be selected. Purchase of the if Campaign, price 9,800 yen (tax included) at purchase in. Return if the additional cost is not. Be returned free shipping in the toletta to you please return,plan to surrender to you.

Of the campaign and how to apply?

1 month trial the campaign pageplease apply.
※ Your registration is 30 units to reach, then the campaign is terminated. Please note.


This campaign inquirieshereand we'll get back to you ASAP.