Smart cat toilet "toletta" raised 100 million yen in Series A round! Cumulative procurement amount exceeded 500 million yen

Sales are strong even in a corona environment. Start developing "toletta3" and strengthen the management base.

Hachitama Co., Ltd. (representative director: Koji Hori), who handles smart cat toilet "toletta" (, is the underwriter of Kikuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Monex Ventures Co., Ltd., an existing shareholder. I would like to report that we have implemented a 100 million yen third-party allotment in the Series A round. The business is steadily expanding even in the corona environment, and we will promote the development of a new version, "toletta3". In addition, this round is ongoing and further funding is planned.


​​【One year after the launch of toletta®, the record number of shipments in Japan was set

One year after the launch in March of last year (2019), we have shipped 2,400 units. The number of pet devices shipped in Japan for the first year is the highest ever (according to an in-house survey).

■We won the No. 1 bestseller twice in the cat toilet department on In the wish list, all cat products ranked #1. Currently, about 3,800 cats have been used and 2.4 million data have been accumulated.


■ In February 2020, we established the Tretta Cat Animal Hospital. We opened the world's first visiting-type veterinary clinic.


[Purpose of financing

■ Development of "toletta3"
・We have started to develop the new version of "toletta3". It is positioned at the center of the global strategy to be developed in the future.

■ What is "toletta3"?
-It will be a simple model without the camera. We plan to cut costs by 40% by making it a simple version.

■ Strengthening of management base under corona environment
・While the living environment changes with corona and after corona, we will continue to provide products and services for the happiness of cats and cats.


[New underwriter]

■Kikuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (
"Comprehensive manufacturing support company" founded in 1970. Based on the belief that "no matter how the times change, the foundation that supports Japanese society is manufacturing," we will promote comprehensive business support for startups based on the comprehensive manufacturing capabilities of the "one-stop integrated system." toletta3 will be jointly developed with Kikuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., an expert in manufacturing.


■ Monex Ventures Co., Ltd. (existing shareholders) (
Utilizing the Monex Group network, we are investing mainly in seed/early stage startup companies in Japan and overseas.