Today 6 May 1"Co., Ltd. Internet content(Toletta Cats Inc.)" Company name changed to!

〜 Smart cat toilet"play", centered on the world of the"cat's"happy"in the world of Tech news"〜the

smart cat toilet"toletta(play)"( a low-lying riverine bees for (Representative Director:Hori 宏治)in 2020, 6 May 1"Co., Ltd. Internet content(Toletta Cats Inc.)" To the company name has been changed.

■ Change background

to 2019 3 month loans for toletta is from approximately 1 year in 3,800 head of this favorite"in terms of market share. 1 ( * ) is the smart cat toilet"and more. 2019 Year 7 month and 2019 12 on the Amazon bestseller no. 1 win. 2020 Years 2 months Service Type visit care(home visit)a professional in the hospital to"pick up and play, I in this hospital"and opened it. toletta collected from 240 million to more than that data from this abnormality detection, and early detection of disease will lead to case studies and a large number of temporary shelters. And in 2020, 5 months, and the global development towards a new version of"toletta3"of development work to us. (※)In-house to examine

this from the toletta axis and the"world's leading IT Tech company"that the product, the brand name"play", and this represents the"Cats"combined"Co., Ltd. set text content"to the company name has been changed.

■" Reviews I to take the"associative

    toletta is a lot of AK and walked"like this,cat by Cat for service." User voice was born from the features and services even more,a lot of this from of appreciation is still increasing. toletta and the name will spread,toletta love to the cats and their owners are more approachable and think,"pick up and play, I to here just"reminiscent of the naming and also.

    ▽ Pick up and play, cats only meow or


    ■pick up and play, cat's birth anniversary campaign held!

      In 2020 6 May 1,"Co., Ltd. to pick up and play, the cat's"birth anniversary campaign will be held. SNS account holders is available to participate.

      【Campaign name]

      to pick up and play・the cat's birth anniversary follow&like campaign

      【application period】
      2020 Years 6 Months 1 day 12:00 〜 2020 Years 6 months 8 days 23:59

      【how to apply】
      1. Reviews official SNS accounts to follow
      2. The campaign of the post"like"to the

      A Awards:toletta(3 People)
      B prize:cat in Paris Nice flights(10 persons)

      【results announced】the
      Lottery Results 6 during the month the winner will be to each SNS for the Direct Message feature and let you know.
      ・ It can follow Off as you can contact you
      ・message to the designated date in the reply, if there is not elected is invalid.
      ・ Of prizes shipping is only within Japan.

      ■ Further development of products and services towards the improvement of

        our corporate philosophy,"the cat is happy, the people happy." The motto,toletta body・toletta the app's further development, and so much more. For your continued patronage as a thank you.