Coat color and pattern in nature can be seen!? This pattern collection #01

coat color and pattern, by this character of trend is said to formats.

This great attraction of 1, but you as well coat color and pattern. Dozen This dozen colors, but there are many variations,each different, each fascinating. This time to pick up and play, communication, all 5 times,as deep in the"cat pattern"describes you.



This pattern is a complex genetic history and gifts of

this pattern in the way is actually very complex. For example, human blood type genes are 2 types (A type and B type, O type and so the gene is not), so the simple thing. However, this coat color and pattern genes related to it by much more,I more than 20 kinds, and a refrigerator. Them by a combination of various cat pattern is born. White cat, the stripes of gene hid have that child, this is also the pattern such as the eyes, just do not know the real depths of all the world.

3 brothers of this pattern, even in this variety

, many of the patterns by genes, and today we are rich"right personality"to them, andactually began the"message"it was notso. Wild animals living environment by protective coloration and your hair color and pattern, but it had it's message was in...... Long time. the history of this people to keep and as well,protective coloration other than the genes that increase, the wide range of this pattern is born the answer is simple. This pattern in history, and is.

This pattern the originator of the message was!


Hear convince,this pattern the law of

this pattern determines the gene that is rough to the laws there.

1. The priority is to

coat color and patterns that determine gene is a dominant gene and a recessive gene is there. A typical, Whole Body White the white genes there. This is all the other genes for the dominant.White cat and black cat a couple of between the born child that this is the case,the white cat is a high probabilitythat.

The strongest Gene"White"!

2. Dark color is the back side from

the Wild Times of the protective coloration of the remnants in the v back side is a dark color,and from the side of the thin color. It has 4 legs when standing on the light from the back side Bright, reverse and side is darker. This gradient counteracts this three-dimensionality is born to enjoy the scenery melt into and a well.

Certainly your side is white...!

This pattern personality trend why you know the

complicated rules and long the history the gift of the Born as I was in this pattern,and roughly divided into 3 types can be divided into.

The "pattern"...tea storage,, back, etc.
"Monochromatic"...white, black, gray, etc.
"Tone&triple color"...Calico,rust,black and white, etc.

※ The cat pattern of the world but not all. Typical ones are introduced.


The same as the pattern but the color is different,but the pattern of how different

These of this pattern by the,"tea is the personality of the cat is more"and tend to be. So, why is it that with,this pattern is the message of the original pattern, and people kept getting increased acquired pattern there.Originally the handle of"wild", and later born from the pattern"pet"he believes that each It pattern side by side, the personality trend of the standard of a lookin. Also, this body is the amount of melanin by personality tendencies and theories. Melanin amount is large and a confident personality, small and reclusive that as well. In addition, the size of it is like of our staff I can in contact with the owner of the opinions or experience with, the character of the trend to introduce the talk.

Each of this pattern can be seen from the character of the trend is the to check!

≫ Wild shy"message"
≫ glutton of natural character"tea light"
≫ tsundere stubborn young lady"Calico"
≫ tough vitality this"black and white"


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