A wild acquaintance of "Pheasant". Cat Pattern Collection #02

It is said that the tendency of the nethis character is understood by the hair color and the pattern. This time, it is a protective color of wild cat, and introduces the origin of the cat pattern [pheasant]

Source:"Cat Hair Color 100 Pattern 』

What kind of pattern is pheasant?

Pheasant is a protective color of wild cat, and it can be said that it is the origin of various cat patterns. It is a pattern that a blackish shima pattern enters the whole body in the brown base, and the color is similar to the pheasant of the bird, and the origin of the name. It is a mackerel tiger if there is a little browntaste, and there is no browntaste at all and it is gray. Pheasant is officially called "Brown McCarrell Tubby". Because it is genetically strong, it is a cat pattern seen a lot in present Japan.

It was the most difficult color to find from the enemy in the wild!

There are a lot of eyes of the gold system.

The tip of the tail is characterized by black.


The meat ball is black or dark brown.

If it is cut off and becomes a spot pattern, "Spotted Tubby"


White [pheasant white] also

Pheasant's Personality Tendencies

Pheasant is the wildest cat pattern. Therefore, it is said that the original wildness of the cat remains, and there are a lot of cats with excellent motor nerves. If you get excited, you may just show too much wild mode.... In addition, it is the type that it takes time to break with the person because it has the caution and the caution which was indispensable for living in the wild. On the other hand, it is said that there is a tendency to forgive the other party thoroughly when it is possible to break it once, and it becomes a very spoiled son.

A wild but stranger-hating guy!

Wild body like a cat!

The high place also climbs Switzerland.


Relax ing in a surprising place (model = momo)

Doya face on top of cat tower


I'm also stronger than my boy's brother! (Model= tsutsu, smomo)


I'm a stranger, but once I forgive my heart, I'll be delede.


What was your character like?

If it's not true, please take a good look at the pheasant around you!


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