Natural tea character "tea tiger" of eating gimbo. Cat pattern collection #03

It is said that the color and pattern of the hair can show the tendency of the cat's character. In this article, we will introduce the trends of our “cat tiger” cats, such as our cat employee Chama!

Source:"Cat color and pattern 100 is completely understood! ]

It is said that tea tigers have a lot of rough personality (model =Sanosuke

What kind of pattern is a tea tiger?

Tea tigers called "Red Tabby" and "Ginger" in the United States. The light brown tiger pattern close to orange isHair color that was not originally found in wild cats(The wild cat was originally a pheasant).

There is a theory that tea tigers were born near Turkey long ago. From there, it spread to Asia, and Japan began to enter the Edo period. In Japanese ukiyo-e prints from the Edo period, tea tigers and calico cats are drawn, but paintings before that do not have such hairy cats. Therefore, tea tiger is said to be a relatively new coat in Japan.

There are many "brown white" with white like chama

The color of the eyes is gold, which is close to yellow


Most of the paws are pink

The tail end is a pale color such as white or light orange


Tea tiger personality trends

In fact,There are many tea tigers in malesHair stalk. About 30% of males are said to be tea tigers (less than 10% of females). As a result, the tenderness of tea tigers tends to be male.

Many of the opinions of the owners were that they were "gluttonous". Our staff also testified that the cat employee's chama is an ecstasy ghost. Even though he usually doesn't come close to people, he comes to Surisurigorogoro during rice time. It may be a common denominator for tea tiger boys that the requirements are straightforward and easy to understand.

In addition, it is also said that "a person who doesn't care about the details" has a "broad personality" and "a ghostly behavior is noticeable."Positioned like a natural character loved by everyoneAnd it seems that the smile around the tea tiger is always constant.

The empty plate is on the back and the expression is full. My body is overflowing from the box, but I don't care (model = Tsukumo)

The funny face is somehow funny. There are many curious cats (model = Tsukumo)

The calmness that does not get angry with a little thing is attractive!


Have you applied to the tea tigers around you?

Let's take a closer look. By understanding the character of cats and interacting with each other, we can live better together!


This article is a re-edition of the article published on May 16, 2019 in "toletta mag."