Tsundele stubborn young lady "Mige". Cat Pattern Collection #04

Did you know that the color of the hair and the pattern tell the tendency of the character? This time, I will introduce the trend of the three hair cat. Our cat employee, U-chan, is also a member of the three hairs!

Source:"Cat Hair Color 100 Pattern 』


What kind of pattern is three hairs?

Three hairs are hair colors containing three colors: white, black, and orange. The proportion of each color varies depending on the cat.

Typical three-hair pattern, so-called "black three hairs"


When the gene which makes the hair color thin is added, it becomes "thin three hairs" of a light hair color overall.

Overall, there are a lot of white, and the pattern that the black and the orange buti enters only a little is "Tobi three hairs"


The meat ball has a lot of pink, and there is a black buti like u-chan.

There are a lot of gold system in eyes. Green and blue


Three hairs are mostly female! Male three hairs are prized

You may know that most of the three-haired cats are females. The reason is that only the female can usually have both colors because the gene which makes the hair color an orange and the gene which makes it black is only sex chromosome X. However, the male's three-haired cat is born very rarely. The male has a special sex chromosome, and according to one theory, it is born only by one probability in 30,000. Therefore, there is a story that the male of three hair son is prized, and it was made to do as the guardian god of the ship in old times, too.


Tendency of the character of the three hairs

Because mike is mostly a female, it is said that the tendency of the character also shows the female likeness. On the other hand, there are many enthusiastic fans who are irresistible to show the side that "it is spoiled as much as possible" while the expression such as "whim" and "Cool" is unbearable. The three-haired cat which attracts a lot of people by this condition, and is famfatal.

Cool, strong-natured, stubborn side. The place where it is not flattered is attractive again!


Moreover, the voice that there is a stubborn place that the three-haired cat is persistent is heard. This is related to the environment in which the three-haired cat is a popular hair color in Japan and abroad, and it is in the environment where it is able to live without flattering the person, too. People all over the world may be crazy about the small devilish charm of the three-haired ne.

A stubborn place that sticks to one thing very much

U-chan's tsundele is crazy about the mess

Stubborn young lady character, but all my favorite three-haired cat

I introduced the tendency of the three hair cat. Do you have such a side to Sange-san who you know? It would be nice if we could get to know your personality trends and get along more!


This article was re-edited on May 16, 2019 in toletta mag.