A tough, full-life cat "black and white". Cat pattern collection #05

Did you know that it is said that the color and pattern of a cat tell us its personality tendency? This time, the "black and white" cat, which is said to have the most number of Nora cats, is featured. What is the secret hidden in the fascinating contrast! ?

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What kind of pattern is black and white?

A black and white cat pattern is a black cat that has a black color on a white background or a white color on a black background. The proportion of black and white varies from cat to cat. When there is a lot of white, it is sometimes called a “black and white cat”, and when there is a lot of black, it is sometimes called a “black and white cat”.

Popular black and white is "Hachiware"! Colors are divided into eight shapes with the nose muscles as a circle

The amount of black and white, how to put the pattern is ten cats ten colors


This unique face-cat is a white type

What is the color of your eyes and your paws?

The eye color changes depending on the proportion of black (the amount of melanin), but there are many gold-based colors such as yellow and light green-based colors. The meat pad is basically pink, and sometimes spotted. In the case of a lot of white, the legs tend to be white, so it is often pink. It is said that if the amount of black is too high, the spots tend to enter easily.

The right cat has green eyes and the left cat has gold eyes

Buchi-filled Tsuu favorite paws


There is a professional name depending on how the colors enter!

Black-and-white cats have a specialized name depending on the proportion of color and how they enter.

"Van" with colored head and tail only

"Harlequin" with a chewy color on the back in addition to the head and tail


"Bicolor" is a pattern with half a black and white pattern

Mostly black with few white parts is "mitted"

Black and white personality trends

It is said that many black and white cats are tough and full of vitality. Because, according to one theory, the black and white are the most common in the stray cat. It may be because it is a tough black and white cat that survives the harsh field life.

There is also a theory that the character varies depending on the proportion of black and white. It is said that cats with a lot of white are wary and shy, while cats with a lot of black are easygoing and friendly.

The black kittens are good at hugging because of their friendly nature!


The new baby cat is also gentle because it has a lot of black.

A cat with a tuxedo design who looks at me with a friendly look

What kind of personality is the cat with a unique cow pattern?

Even if it is called black and white, it has a lot of individuality and depth.


Black and white, how was this world? The black-and-white cat is interesting because it has its own individuality in terms of black-and-white proportions and patterns. The more you know it, the more you will love it!


This article is a re-edition of the article published on May 16, 2019 in "toletta mag."