The Cat Food Promotion Preservation Act, the most important check when your food is bad!

“Is it tired of your swallowing these days?”

“I’m always giving you a bag, but I’m going to eat better than usual!”

What did you think?”

If you give me the usual silk, you can see it with this face.
アンスプラッシュのMarco Biondiによる写真


Maybe,The cat food is getting oldMaybe.

Of course, cat food is often bought in large bags, and it is convenient to save the time to buy, and it is not convenient.

But in fact, the buying of large bags may have affected the eating of this rice bowl.

Remember the snacks we eat.

After the opening, I eat deliciously, and I leave it and try to eat later, so I often feel delicious. Even if chucks are attached or stopped by clips or ring rubber, the flavor is mostly damp and damp.

The same is true of cat food.So.

Even with chucks, if you keep it for a long time, the flavor will fall.
If the silly state continues, we don’t like it.

To get Skychan to enjoy the bamboo, cat food is recommended to be treated as follows:

When you choose a cat food, you buy something that sizes you eat in a week or two

If you buy a large bag, you can eat it in a week or two, put it in a vacuum pack for ingredients and store it

Those who use automatic feeders (auto feeders) do not forget to change their feeding properly.

Please practice it from today!




Iizuka, friendly.

Tretta Screw Hospital, Nurse.
Iizuka, friendly.

Before entering Tretta Scissors Hospital, he worked as a nurse at a specialized hospital in Tokyo.

a slight thing
I have lived with Skochan since I was born, and I have decided to work with animals for the future since childhood. Among them, I chose a nurse to learn the knowledge that I could use to save a little life in protective cat activities. I want to support the best I can with Tretta so that the owner can not be distracted by the disease of the swallow, so that the swallow who is trying to hide the disease without talking. Now, as the right knowledge and tretta spread, the world will be able to make a good deal of money, and these days, it is a melomero to bring a protective cat here to its home.