This toilet is a swaggering toilet.

This time, when you introduce tretta to this health care, you will often answer the question, "So this toilet switching."
This is a useful information for all those who are considering changing toilet, so I can see it!


I'm worried about scissors using a new toilet.
Is there any way you can move smoothly?


The change in the environment is difficult.
As a pro of screw toilet, many of them have been working on this toilet transition (!) The tretta team has been working on the recommendation method!


1.To set up the same place as the toilet so far

First, let's put a new toilet in the same place as the toilet we've ever had.
Therefore, it is necessary to minimize this stress so that it does not change to the environment.

If you look suspicious from a distance, let's get the screws on the new bathroom.

Our staff, who have been working on more than 200 (!) transfers to the former cat cafe staff and live with more than 10 protective cats at home, have not failed to know the sand feeling by putting screws in the bathroom.That’s what happened.

But this personality is also a sloppy one.

If you haven't done well above, try the following:


2. Put it next door

Most screws seem to be used to practicing 1., but if you see that you are clearly not close or put up with the bathroom (), let's put the bathroom next to you and use it together.

Screws feel stressed when they endure toilet,It makes it easier to get sick, such as cystitis.In some cases, it is also difficult to get the owner because of the habit of doing it elsewhere.

If you see the following, you will be careful.

• I haven’t put up the bathroom for more than a day
- I'm looking for a toilet and I'm wandering around.
• I was getting the bathroom to be somewhere else.
• Hematuria was seen.

If you see the above, you will recommend the unreasonable transition from the combination of the toilet you used so far.



3) Put the sand in the bathroom before

Screws smell and judge the environment.
To reassure you a little, let's put the sand we used in the previous toilet into a new toilet.

If cat sand also changes to a new kind of thing,long-term warLet's try it as follows.

Originally sand: New sand

First week = 8:2
Week 2 = 5:5
Week 3 = 2:8
Week 4 = 0:10

Tretta Screw Hospital, Director, Asami's Screw (May-chan). ♀) is a sergeantIt took me two months to move.But this professional, or the struggle, is not going to be a good thing. (Now, it's going to be a good thing!)

May (protective cat, original name lives) MIX, seven years old.
When I was a kitten in Aomori Prefecture, I was protected when I was a kitten, and I often played and eat before other children because I thought about it because I was careful and thought about it, and I thought I was a human being.


For scissors, stress is an enemy of health.

I know how to move quickly, but this personality and individual difference can cause sudden change to become stressful, and if the toilet shape of the house changes suddenly, I feel incongruity. If you can, you can change the way you are at this pace.


If you move to a smart toilet with an outer cover camera,

Get the bathroom.Smart screw toilet 'toletta'If you move to, the following points are also a cost check.

First, it is installed without turning on.

To prevent urological disease (totta), a serious disease for screws, the "toletta" that can monitor the numbers involved in weight and pee is given a slight amount of urinary disease.24 hours. I can shoot this bathroom.Hey, there's a camera with LED lights.

LED lights that play a very large role in monitoring, but some screws may be unsavory in light, in which case, until the screws get used to the new toilet (toletta), let's turn off and place it.

When you get used to the toilet itself, turn on it and see it more.

There are many questions and requests for light brightness, and the light brightness is the amount of light required for the identification of this face or the shooting of the video in the dark, so there is no control function of brightness. Please understand.


We also exchanged know-how from our staff and delivered a toilet switching knack.

If you buy a new bathroom or pick up a new screw, you can see it.


who wrote this article

Asami, Yuki.

Tretta Screw Hospital, Director.
Asami, Yuki.

From the University of Kitasato Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine Purdue University International Clinical Rotation Extern, I have been working on cat medical care every day at a special hospital in Tokyo, and I have been treating a number of protective cats.

a slight thing
Born in a small town in the mountains, he grew up surrounded by animals from a small age, and he loved animals, of course, and now lives with protective cats and rearing abandon dogs. I always have a friendly medical care, treatment, and a polite explanation for the owner, so that cats and people can create a healthy and happy future with Tretta.


Iizuka, friendly.

Tretta Screw Hospital, Nurse.
Iizuka, friendly.

Before entering Tretta Scissors Hospital, he worked as a nurse at a specialized hospital in Tokyo.

a slight thing
I have lived with Skochan since I was born, and I have decided to work with animals for the future since childhood. Among them, I chose a nurse to learn the knowledge that I could use to save a little life in protective cat activities. I want to support the best I can with Tretta so that the owner can not be distracted by the disease of the swallow, so that the swallow who is trying to hide the disease without talking. Now, as the right knowledge and tretta spread, the world will be able to make a good deal of money, and these days, it is a melomero to bring a protective cat here to its home.


Heeno, Zizuru.

cat evangelist
Heeno, Zizuru.

He graduated from the Department of Design at Tokyo Figuring University, continued his activities as a protective cat, worked as a designer, worked as a protective cat cafe store manager for three years, and then became an evangelist at the marketing department of the bee. This role is to spread the importance of health care.

a slight thing
There are many opportunities to grow up in a home environment where there are always protective cats and protective dogs, and somehow to throw away from childhood, and every time I found a foster child, any life is equal and the same weight. I hope you will tell me what you can do and what you can raise your QOL and your QOL.