With Tretta, start managing your cat's health from the toilet.

Tretta and the cat

I want to live longer and happier with my cat.
To that end, daily health management is very important.

But what should we do about "cat health management"?

Try changing your hood to premium food, or playing and exercising as much as possible when you are at home.
I'm afraid of periodontal disease, so try brushing your teeth unfamiliar.
There are many kidney diseases, so I decided to increase the number of drinking places.

Even if you are careful about it, you say that cats are patient,
Many people may be worried that "is my child really healthy?"

Therefore, this time, we will introduce daily health management that utilizes the service of Tretta, which monitors the health of cats from the toilet.
You can easily see your daily life with your smartphone and prevent serious illnessWe will send you the charm of Tretta.

First of all, if you are a cat keeper, you should know.
What is the most common illness that cats suffer from?

Do you know the top causes of death in domestic cats?

that is,Pee disease (urological disease)is.

It is a disease that affects 30-40% of cats over the age of 10, making it the most common cause of death in cats over the age of 5.

The cat's body makes good use of water in the body to produce urine without drinking too much water.
As a result, the urinary organs such as the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra tend to be overloaded.

What is Urological Disease?

Urological diseases of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra. Chronic renal failure, cystitis, urinary stones, etc.

Why is it easy to take?

The ancestor of cats, the Libyan wildcat, lived in the desert and had a structure that allowed it to survive without drinking water. Modern cats (cats) have inherited the structure, but their extended lifespan reduces their urinary functions with age, making them more susceptible to illness. In particular, the disease "chronic renal failure" in which the function of the kidneys declines slowly progresses over time,Approximately 70% incidence in people over 15 years oldIt has been with.


Among urological diseases, chronic renal failure is a progressive and irreversible disease, and it is very important to control the progression of the disease by early detection and treatment.

Tretta suffers from such a cat"Prevention" of urological diseasesCat toilet focused on.
First of all, why not start managing your cat's health from your daily toilet?


How to protect your cat from urinary disorders?

A long-suffering cat does not easily show up when it is in poor physical condition.
When it is noticed, it may be too late.

"Pee" is the first manifestation of urological disease. Therefore, daily pee check is very important.

Smart cat toilet "toletta®"Then, every time a cat enters the toilet, the following indicators are automatically measured.

1. weight
2. Urine volume
3. Urine count
4. Number of admissions (number of times you entered the toilet)
5. Stay time (time in the toilet)
6. Elapsed time (time since the last time you entered the toilet)

You don't need to put it on your scale or use a urine collection kit, and you can easily measure the index that becomes a barometer of your daily health.

If you keep track of the daily values, you can immediately notice when an abnormality occurs.

App capture

Tretta app screen. It is possible to check the graph not only once but also every 1 to 3 months.


In addition, a video recording of the state of the bathroom is also available.

Not only can you observe the posture of your urine, which is related to the initial symptoms of the disease, but it is also nice to be able to see how it is difficult to see normally.



What is "normal" cat pee?
How do you know the disease from the numbers?

The normal numbers for cat pee are approximately:

Urine volume: 5-25 ml/kg per day (eg 20 ml-100 ml for a body weight of 4 kg)
Urine frequency: 1 to 5 times per day
Number of admissions: 3 to 10 times per day

Smart cat toilet "toletta®"It is based on the values ​​measured in. It is a reference value only because it depends on the individuality of the cat.

In addition, I will introduce the initial symptoms of the disease that can be seen from the increase and decrease in the number of pee in cats.

*General symptoms. The "toletta®" body does not diagnose. Please understand this as a reference when consulting with a veterinarian or during a medical examination.


Chronic renal failure

body weight:DecreaseUrine volume:IncreaseUrine frequency:Increase

The initial symptom of chronic renal failure is polydipsia with increased water intake and increased urine output. As the condition progresses, the taste of food changes, and symptoms such as uneven eating, weight loss, and vomiting are seen. About 60% of the kidneys are said to be damaged when the symptoms are apparent. Also, if you have an increase in urine output, you may have other diseases that are common in cats such as hyperthyroidism and diabetes, so please consult the veterinary hospital as soon as possible.



Urine count:IncreaseNumber of admissions:IncreaseStay time:Increase

Urolithiasis includes frequent urination, hematuria, and loss of appetite. You may also see a backache and pain when urinating. It is a potentially life-threatening disease that causes uremia and bladder rupture when stones block the urinary tract (obstruction of the urethra or ureter). If you observe abnormal urine such as daily urine volume, number of urine, color, etc., and any abnormalities in your posture during urination, go to the hospital as soon as possible.



Urine count:IncreaseNumber of admissions:Increase

Cystitis can be caused by various causes such as stones, bacteria, and environmental stress. Initial symptoms include frequent urination, hematuria, and pain during voiding. You may also have anorexia and loss of energy. In the case of calculus cystitis, it may cause renal failure or uremia, which is life-threatening. Cystitis is a disease for which early detection and early treatment are especially important. Check the number of times you entered the toilet and the number of urines on a daily basis, and if there is a change, check up early.


The cat's pee looks strange!
What should I do in such a case?

Be careful if you notice any abnormalities such as the color and amount of your cat's pee or bloody urine.

The cat may be emitting SOS.


At Tretta's online hospital service, a dedicated veterinarian monitors daily data acquired by Tretta. If there is an abnormal value in the data, we will notify you by LINE. Also, if you are worried about your health, such as the number is normal, but the situation is different from usual, etc., or if you are wondering whether to go to the hospital or not, first consult a veterinarian on LINE. ..




Up to this point, I have introduced the health management of cats starting with Tretta.

Cats are important families.

First of all, as a step to protect cats from diseases that tend to cause cats, and to learn more about cats.

Do you not begin "cat health care" life with tretta?



Yuuki Asami

Director, Tretta Cat Hospital
Yuuki Asami

Graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Kitasato University, and completed the College of Veterinary Medicine Purdue University International Clinical Rotation Extern. While engaged in daily cat medical treatment at a Tokyo cat hospital, she also has experience in treating a large number of protected cats. Currently, Director of Tretta Cat Hospital.

one thing
Born in a small mountain town, I grew up surrounded by animals since I was little. Cats, of course, love animals. I now live with a protective cat and an abandoned dog. We always try to treat and treat our cats with kindness and kindness, and to give careful explanations to their owners. May cats and people create a healthy and happy future with Tretta.