Easy cat health care
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smart litter box toletta®

Do you know the top diseases that afflict one in three domestic cats?

It is a urinary disease.

Early symptoms of these diseases, such as chronic renal disease (*) and urethral obstruction (*), appear in the urine.

Main diseases that afflict cats

Chronic renal disease

A disease in which renal function is impaired. As an initial symptom, the amount of urine increases. As the illness progresses, cats can no longer eat rice and become thinner and lose their lives.

Urinary tract obstruction

It is an urgent life-threatening disease. The stones block the urethra and prevent urine from flowing. If you don't treat your cat early, it can die in a few days.

In addition, there are dozens of urinary diseases that are fatal to cats.
The place where cats who are vulnerable to urinary diseases issue "SOS" is the toilet.

Managing the cat's health from the toilet.
Why don't you try cat health care with The next-generation smart litter box toletta® ?

Features of Service

Monitor your cat's weight and urine daily

The toletta® has a built-in sensor and camera that automatically measures your weight and urine volume when your cat enters the litter box.The state of the litter box is recorded as a video, and you can check the state of the cat when you are out.


Daily data is managed with a smartphone app

Daily data is graphed and managed with a smartphone app.
Being aware of changes in your physical condition, such as weight gain and loss, and the tendency of the amount and frequency of pee, leading to early detection of illness.

It is okay to have multiple heads. AI identifies multiple cats

The world's first AI cat face recognition technology (patented) is used to identify cats without using collars or tags. There is no limit to the number of cats that can be registered.

Easy to install and maintain

All you need is a power supply, Wi-Fi, and a smartphone.

You can start using it immediately by connecting to your home's fixed Wi-Fi.
The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.
* Please check Product Specifications for supported OS versions and Wi-Fi


Easy to assemble and washable.

The toilet part and sensor plate part are separated, and the toilet part can be washed as a normal cat toilet.

Remotely watched by veterinarian

Veterinarian analyzes daily cat health data

Veterinarians monitor the health data of cats obtained from the toilet daily. If there is an abnormal change in the value, the veterinarian will notify you via LINE. You can quickly notice changes in the physical condition of the cat that you may not notice, leading to early detection of illness.

Unlimited online health consultation

Not only will you receive alerts from veterinarians regarding changes in your cat's physical condition, but you can also consult about your cat's health on LINE. A veterinarian will support you personally while looking at the health data of your cat.

Twice a year “home visit” health checkup

Veterinarians and nurses visit your home for health checkups for your cats. It also eliminates the need for stressful visits to cats.
* Only available on Premium Plan.
* Current available  areas  are  Tokyo,  Kanagawa,  Saitama,  and  Chiba.

Why is toletta® selected?

Recommended by 99.6% of world veterinarians

In response to the question "Would you recommend toletta® for cats?"
230 out of 231 answered “YES” .

WVC state of

(At WVC held in the United States in February 2020)

Developed under the supervision of a veterinarian

With the cooperation of a veterinarian who is familiar with cats, we have been developing and testing while receiving advice based on veterinary medicine.
We thoroughly manufacture products that are kind to both cats and people.


Yes, you can manage data for multiple cats and toletta® collectively.
It is possible to add cats or another toletta® while you use it.

Toletta® is equipped with a camera that uses a face recognition technology (patented) that identifies a cat's face with AI, without a collar or tag.

* For the first few days of use, learning tasks are required for the toletta® to identify cats. At first, it is necessary for you to distinguish the pictures taken by toletta® and tell the AI which is who, but once this work is done correctly, the identification will be possible.

Toletta® can identify as many cats as you like, as long as the owner can distinguish them in the photo.

● Cat sand
System Toilet cat litter that is compatible with toilets and that does not “clump / crumble / absorb” can be used.
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Litter Pellets

● Urine absorption sheet
You can use any commercially available urine absorption pad as far as it fits the Urine tray Vertical 42cm X Horizontal 29cm.
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Pads

At this moment, toletta and its online vet service can be used by anyone living in Japan. In Japan, the “Premium Plan” that includes house call by vet can be provided only to customers living in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama area.

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