ねこ1頭目 ¥980 (税込¥1,078)
2頭目以降 ¥620 (税込¥682)


When purchasing

* Please do not use the domain of "hotmail" or "" as the email address at the time of purchase. I don't receive an email from us.
* Available payment methods are "Amazon Pay" and "Credit Card". The credit card brands available are VISA, MASTER and AMEX. "JCB" is not available. Please understand.
* To use Toretta, after purchasing the main unit, you need to "download a dedicated application to your smartphone", "register as a member of Toretta (*it is different from registering an email address on this site or registering as a member at the time of purchase)" and "plan contract". Please follow the instructions included with the main unit and, in the case of campaigns, etc., follow the guidance from our company.

About the product

- The followingDetailed specificationsPlease read carefully and prepare your home environment.
- About the contents of the basic planThis pagePlease check.
・ For face recognition in the dark, the LED light attached to the camera is always on. Please note that there is no off function or dimming function at this time.
・ Membership registration is required separately to use the Toretta dedicated application. Please register as a member according to the information included with the main unit.
Terms and Conditions for Your PurchasePlease read and agree.
FAQsPlease read also.

Detailed specifications

Toilet body

Size: Width 42.8cm× depth 56.1cm× height 30cm
Weight: About 3.3kg
Measurable cat weight: 1-10kg

Compatible power supply: AC100V

Communication environment

Communication function: Wireless LAN (2.4GHz)
Available area: Japan
* You must be "always" connected to the fixed Wi-Fi at home.
* The following Wi-FiNot available
Up-line speed is slower than 10Mbps
Pocket Wi-Fi / Free Wi-Fi
・ Authentication methods are "WPA-PSK", "WPA/WPA2mixedPSK", "WEP (128/64bit)"


App-enabled OS: iOS/Android
* Please check the corresponding iOS and Android versions in the app store.

Bundled items

Toilet body (upper cover / snoco / lower cover / urine tray)
Sensor plate
Camera unit
AC adapter
Cord protection tube (for protecting the cord connecting the sensor plate to the camera unit)
Instruction manual
Warranty document
・ Guidance of user registration and app download

※ [scoop] [tube to protect the AC adapter], [sheet] [cat sand] is not included.

Warranty and support

●1-year product warranty with peace of mind
In normal use, if there is a defect due to manufacturing liability, it will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period (1 year from the date of delivery of Toretta). However, if it is not in a normal state of use, it will not be eligible for a free exchange.

●Toilet transition support
If the cat does not use the new toilet (Toretta), we will interview you about the environment and cat,and give you advice on toilet transition.

●Inquiries and customer support
For inquiries before and after purchase, please contact us.I accept it from here.
Opening hours: Weekdays 10:00-17:00


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