To those who have already purchased

Preparation for introduction of toletta

Q: What should I have for toletta to work?

A: Please have:
-Wifi environment (2.4GHz band) -Home power supply (AC100V)
-Prepare to replace all cat litter boxes at home with toletta -Installation place (width 43.6cm x depth 54.8cm x height 30.3cm)
-A scoop (Toletta does not come with a scoop) -Sand for the litter box system (type that does not collapse / absorb)
-litter box seat (commercial product that fits urine tray 42cm x width 29cm)
-registration cat photos*

*The cat picture you register will be used as a cat icon on the app, as well as helping the AI learn to identify your cat amongst other cats.
Check the following precautions;
-Cat’s face is clear and centered.
-Cat is not covered or wearing anything that covers them.
-No other cats are visible.
-Must be an unprocessed color photo.

Q: What should I do If my cat doesn’t use toletta?
A: Since cats are not good at dramatic environmental changes, we recommend that you just gradually let it happen, specifically: Let the cat get used to toletta.
What you can do includes:
-installing toletta in the same place your previous litter box was.
-Some cats are not good with lights so install it without turning on the power until the cat is used to it.
-Put the cat in toletta and let it smell
-If you used sand that hardens prior to the introduction of toletta, mix the sand you once used with the sand that is compatible with toletta (a type that will not break down the system) and gradually reduce the sand you used before over time until your cat is used to the sand that is compatible with toletta.

About the app

Q: I can’t log in to the APP.
A: To log into the app, user registration is required.
User registration can be performed by accessing the user registration page from the QR code provided with toletta.
The URL is not posted on the official website so that people who have not purchased toletta will not register by mistake.
If you lose the QR code guidance, sorry for the inconvenience.(Please contact our inquiry form)

Q. You can’t register your cat when you try to.
A: If you select a large size photo, it may take several seconds until registration is displayed after pressing “Register with above”, also it may take several minutes for the cat to appear on the home screen.

Q: I don’t see any data in the app or I see a number that is completely different from the actual weight of my cat.
A: In the following situations, the data is not displayed in the application and cannot be measured accurately.
 -15 minutes after adding or replacing the sand.
 -When not properly fitted
 -When installed on an unstable floor
 -When the litter box body is in contact with the wall
 -When the weight of the cat is outside the range of 1kg to 10kg
 -If the whole cat’s body is not inside toletta
 -There is a time lag of several minutes from when the cat enters toletta until it appears in the app.

Q: Why is the body weight of data have a hyphen (—) displayed in the app?
A: This is because the weight cannot be measured normally in the following situations:
 -A cat stayed too short in toletta
 -If the cat’s rest time is too short (Although it may appear stationary on the system, it may not be determined as such.)
 -When your home wifi is unstable
 -When the weight of the cat is outside the range of 1kg to 10kg

Q: Why is my cat’s weight being measured even though the cat is not visible?
A: There is a possibility that the cat is in the blind spot of the camera.
To make it easier to enter from the entrance, place it on the wall or put a fence around it.
However, if the litter box body touches the wall, it will affect the weight measurement.

Q: From what time is “Today”? What happens if I go abroad?
A: From 0:00 to 23:59. If the owner travels abroad, the time setting will be changed to the local time of 0:00 to 23:59.
Date and time from toletta will also be converted and displayed as the local time.

Q: What happens to notifications when I select “Share toletta with my family”?
A: When a new notification comes, a red mark will appear on the notification icon in the app menu.
This mark is displayed for each smartphone that you check.
If family member A confirms the notification but family member B does not, the notification will stay red.

Q: I have a long-haired cat and sometimes shorten it by trimming its face and body hair.
This changes its appearance drastically. Will it affect the individual cat’s identification?

A: If only one cat is registered in the app, the identification will not be affected no matter how much the appearance changes.
However, if multiple cats are registered, there is a possibility that the identification may be affected.
Therefore it may be necessary for the owner to tell toletta the name of the cat from time to time.

Q: Is the weight measured with toletta deviated from the actual weight?
A: Depending on the conditions with the cat, it may cause an error of up to several hundred grams.
We plan to further improve the accuracy in the future.

About care

Q: I’d like to add more sand because it is decreasing.
A: Just add it, however for about 15 minutes after adding the sand, data will not compute, even if the cat enters toletta.

Q: I want to wash toletta with water.
A: Remove the camera unit from the litter box body as the camera unit and weight plate cannot be washed with water, but the litter box body can.
After washing the litter box body and returning it to the weight plate, the data does not compute for about 15 minutes even if the cat enters toletta.

Q: How to clean the camera lens.
A: If the camera lens gets dirty, wipe it gently with a dry cloth.
If the dirt cant be removed, wipe it gently with a soft cloth that was moistened with water and wrung out.
Wet tissue is not recommended because it often contains alcohol and can cause the lense coating to peel off.

About consumables

Q: Can I used solidified litter?
A: You can only use litter that is compatible with the system litter box and that doesn’t collapse.

Q: What kind of litter and sheet can be used?
A: Any type of litter that is commercially available for system litter boxs and that doesn’t collapse can be used with toletta.
Smaller types of litter are not recommended because they tend to clog the system.

Q: Need any special litter or sheets?
A: No special litter or sheets are required.

About trouble

Q: Some parts are broken.
A: You can purchase parts individually.
Please send us the necessary parts from the inquiry form .

About specifications

Q: What is required?
A: A 2.4 GHz band (802.11 b /g /n ), WIFI environment, abd a household power supply (100 to 240 VAC) are required per unit.
It can only be used in Japan at the moment, not internationally.

Q: When placing multiple toletta, can I check the data altogether?
A: Multiple sets of data can be managed by one account.
Data integration is possible for any number of toletta units in your home.

Q: Can I identify similar cats? How many cants can be identified?
A: Any number of cats can be identified as long as the owner can distinguish them by looking at the photos. (For the first few days of use, it is necessary for toletta to learn how to remember each cat. At that time, the owner will identify and register each cat, you can identify as many as you want.)

Q: If the room is dark, can toletta still recognize each cat?
A: There is an LED light attached to toletta’s camera, so it will recognize the cat even in darkness.
The LED light is always on.

Q: The LED light is too bright?
A: The amount of light is necessary to recognize the cat’s face.
Thank you for understanding.

Q: Why do you use a camera to identify the individual cats?
A: Some cats are not good with collars and tags and it is a huge burden on them to keep wearing collars and tags every day and might even cause them stress and skin problems.

Q: If there is only one cat, is it necessary to use a camera? If not then will the price be cheaper?
A: toletta will only be sold with the camera, please understand.

Q: What is the size of toletta?
A: External dimensions:
Housing part: Width 43.6cm x depth 54.8 cm x height 30.0cm
Space part: W 38.4 cm x D 49.4cm x H 22.5cm
Entrance height 15.4cm

Q. How heavy is toletta? 
A. About 3.3kg.

Q: How much power does it take?
A: About 7200WH in 30 days.

Q: Which parts can be washed?
A: All parts can be washed except the camera and weight plate.
It is always possible to keep the unit clean.

Q: Is everything included?
A: A scoop is not included, nor are consumable items, please prepare these things.

Q: Can I access toletta from multiple smartphones?
A: Yes, for example, family members can share toletta information.

Q: Can I use it without a smartphone? 
A: No, a smartphone is required for the app.

Q: Does the app support Android and iPhone ? 
A: Both are supported.
Supported OS includes AndroidTM 5.0 or later and iOS 10 or later.

Q: Can I use litter boxs other than toletta?
A: All litter boxs must be toletta for the app to work.
When other litter boxs are also used, the data can’t be measured accurately.

Q: Does toletta give diagnoses?
A: Toletta is not a medical device and cannot diagnose, it can only give data.
Consult with a veterinarian for diagnosis.

Q: Is it ok to move toletta while cleaning?
A: Toletta’s weight plate should be kept vertically so that it is perpendicular to the floor.
Moving it doesn’t affect the measurements.
Since it is necessary to clean toletta by changing the location a little, there is no problem if you move the main body while it is level to the ground. However when you pull toletta out from installation location and tilt the main body to clean, there may be a measurement sensor malfunction.

Changes in usage environment

Q: My WIFI has changed.
A: In the old Wi-Fi environment, disconnect from the app “Settings” > “Litter box” > “Disconnect litter box”.
Next, please initialize the reset button * on the back of the light with a wire etc. under the new Wi-Fi environment.
After that, please set from the application “Settings” > “Litter box” > “Add litter box”.
*Check here for how to press the reset button.

Q: I want to move toletta to a different room.
A: Press the power button on the back of the camera unit to turn it off, then unplug the AC adapter from the outlet.
After moving to a new room, plug in the AC adapter.
* Please see here for how to turn off the power.

Q: I want to change the number of toletta used.
A: Please respond as follows:
To increase: Application “Settings” > “Litter box” > “Add litter box”.
To decrease: Application “Settings” > “Litter box” > “Disconnect litter box” > disconnect the corresponding litter box.

About contract

Q: What if I want to stop using toletta?
A: If you use toletta Basic, you will not be charged a cancellation fee before toletta Premium is delivered.
Please inform us of your cancellation request on our inquiry form .

Q: I want to change my email address, address, or phone number.
A: If you would like to change your email address, please contact us on our inquiry form . 
To change address and phone number, go to the app menu “Settings” > “Account”.

Q: How to change the initial password.
A: Change from the app menu “Settings” > “Account”.

Q: I forgot my password
A: Please request a reissue of the password from our inquiry form .