toletta Terms of Use
Article 1 (Definition)
Definitions of terms used in this agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the agreement”) are as defined in the following items.

(1) Our company
Hachitama Inc.

(2) This product
Cat litter box for sale called “toletta” sold by our company

(3) This application

The application “toletta” provided by our company

(4) This service
Service called “toletta” provided by the Company through this application

(5) User
Person who purchases this product from us and uses this service

(6) This contract
Agreement between the user and our company on provision of this service

(7) This site
The following websites where users perform membership registration procedures when using this service

(8) Membership registration procedure
A user registers user information in a manner prescribed by our company and we authorize the user to use the service

(9) User information
User name, address, phone number, e-mail address, user-set password

(10) Login information
Email address and password among user information

(11) Cat information
The name of the user’s cat, a photo image, and other information about the user’s cat.

(12) Reading information
What we determine as the weight of the user’s cat, the number of urine, and other information read in this product

(13) Analysis information
Analysis of read information by the method specified by our company

(14) Anti-social forces
Gangsters, gangsters (including those who have not passed 5 years from the time they were gangsters), gang associate members, gang companies, general members, etc. Persons who have a socially blamed relationship with persons of

Article 2 (application)
1. These Terms and Conditions define the relationship between the users of the Service and the Company.

2. When the User uses the Service, the User is deemed to have agreed with the Company that the Terms are the content of the Agreement.

Article 3 (Purpose of the Service)
This service is to provide the user with read information and analysis information on the user’s beloved cat through the application based on the information collected from the product when the user’s beloved cat uses the product. I will aim.

Article 4 (use environment)
1. The user prepares the product, terminal and other environment necessary for using the service, and prepares an environment where it can connect to the Internet to use the service under its own responsibility and burden. will do.

2. Users shall take safety measures to prevent the infection of harmful programs, etc. in their own responsibility and burden when using this service.

Article 5 (Member registration)
1. In order to use this service, users need to complete the membership registration procedure after agreeing to these terms.

2. Membership registration procedures can only be performed by the user.

3. The User shall register true and accurate information as User Information.

4. The user shall keep the user information always up-to-date, and when any or all of the user information is changed, the contents after the change shall be registered by the method defined by our company immediately.

5. If the Company determines that the currently registered user information is not the latest information that is true and accurate, the Company will ask the user to change the user information to be the latest information that is true and accurate. You may claim and the User shall respond to our claims without objection.

6. When the notice to our users was delayed or did not arrive due to the fact that the currently registered user information is not true and accurate, it was registered when we issued the notice It is considered to have arrived by the time it should normally arrive based on the user information.

Article 6 (management of terminal and login information)
1. The user shall ensure that the terminal is not used by a third party by taking password, personal identification or other measures on the terminal using this service.

2. If the user loses the terminal using the service or suffers from theft or other damage, immediately contact the Company and, in their own responsibility and burden, lock the other terminal or other third party. Shall take measures to prevent them from being used by

3. The user is solely responsible for the management of login information. When the login information entered in this application matches the login information of the user, it is considered that the user has used this service.

4. The user shall not allow the third party to use the login information. Users shall contact us immediately when their login information is used by a third party, or when there is a risk that such information may be used.

Article 7 (Registration of Cat Information)
1. Users are required to register love cat information according to the method defined by our company when using this service

2. The user registers true and accurate information as love cat information, and always keeps the love cat information updated.

Article 8 (Intellectual Property Rights)
Intellectual property rights and other rights related to all content that constitutes the Service including the Application and the Site shall belong to the Company or a third party who holds the right, and the User may use the Service according to the method defined by the Company. You may use these contents only to the extent of using.

Article 9 (Prohibited matters)
Users shall not, when using the Service, perform any act that the Company judges as falling under or falling under any of the events specified in the following items.

(1) Handling this product without following the method described in our instruction manual etc.

(2) Act of using this service despite being an antisocial force

(3) Acts of using this service with illegal or unfair purpose

(4) Acts that use this service despite the fact that the Company has been suspended from use, canceled this contract, etc.

(5) Act of using this service as a third party

(6) Act of having a third party use their own login information

(7) Acts of registering or declaring information that is not true or accurate or information that is not up-to-date

(8) Acts of registering or declaring information obtained by illegal or improper means

(9) Acts that use computer viruses or other harmful programs

(10) Acts of unauthorized access to the system related to this service, or unauthorized acquisition of information on the system related to this service, or falsification

(11) Acts that place an excessive burden on servers related to this service and other acts that cause the provision of this service

(12) Add reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembly for software related to this service

(13) Act of using this service using artificial intelligence or other automated means

(14) Acts that infringe on the property, intellectual property right, portrait right, privacy, trade secrets or other rights or interests of the Company or a third party

(15) Acts that damage or injure, hate, slander or otherwise hate the Company or a third party

(16) Acts that interfere with the business or other activities of the Company or a third party

(17) Acts leading to criminal acts or criminal acts

(18) Acts that violate the law or public order and morals

(19) An act that induces or promotes an act that falls under any of the preceding items

(20) Other acts in violation of the Terms

Article 10 (usage etc.)
If the user falls under any of the following conditions, the Company shall immediately stop using the service, cancel the membership registration, or take other necessary measures without requiring notification to the user or other procedures. I shall be able to

(1) Article 9 (Prohibited matters) When it is determined that the Company falls under or falls under any of the reasons specified in each item

(2) When there is no response for 14 days or more in response to the notification from our company asking for an answer

(3) If there are no logins to this application for more than 3 months

Article 11 (Temporary interruption / limitation of service provision)
The Company shall be able to temporarily suspend or restrict the provision of all or part of the Service without giving prior notice to the User in advance when the events specified in the following items apply.

(1) When performing maintenance, inspection, update, etc. of the system related to this service

(2) When it is necessary to prevent the system, server, etc. related to this service from going down

(3) In the event that it becomes difficult to provide this service due to an earthquake, lightning strike, fire, blackout, natural disaster, communication failure, or other reasons that we can not be blamed

(4) Other cases where the Company deems it necessary

Article 12 (Change of Service Content)
We may change the whole or part of the contents of this service (including the functions of this application) at any time.

Article 13 (End of Service)
1. When the Company terminates the provision of the Service, the Company shall notify or notify the user of the termination of the Service in advance.

2. When the Company ceases to provide the Service, this Agreement shall be terminated. In this case, this Agreement will lose its effect only in the future.

Article 14 (remaining clause)
Even after the termination of this contract, Article 5 (Member registration), Section 6 (15) (Non-guarantee etc.), Article 16 (Disclaimer), Article 17 (Disclaimer), Article 19 (Contracts) Article 21 (Prohibition of Transfer of Status, etc.), Article 21 (Separability), Article 22 (Government Law) and Article 23 (Dedicated Jurisdiction of Jurisdiction) and this Article shall remain in force.

Article 15 (Non-guaranteed etc.)
1. We do not guarantee any of the matters specified in the following items.

(1) No bugs, errors, system failures or other problems occur in the operation of this site and this application

(2) There is no security flaw in this site and this application

(3) There is no unauthorized access to the system related to this service

(4) The legitimacy, accuracy, completeness, freshness, reliability, usefulness, relevance, etc. of any content that constitutes the Service including the Site and the Application.

(5) Any content that constitutes this service including this site and this application will not disappear

(6) Backup of all contents that constitute the Service including the Site and the Application

(7) All content that constitutes this service including this site and this application, the system related to this service, emails etc. that we send to users do not include computer viruses and other harmful programs, etc. about

(8) The content of this service meets the quality that users expect

2. This service does not provide medical care or other veterinary services regarding cats. The user shall use this service at his / her own responsibility and burden and receive a medical examination of veterinarian necessary for the health management of his beloved cat.

Article 16 (Disclaimer)
In the event of any damage to the user due to any of the reasons set forth in the following items, we assume no responsibility for the user.

(1) The user violated these terms

(2) The Company has taken the User’s use of the Service, canceled the membership registration, or other measures.

(3) The Company temporarily suspended or restricted the provision of all or part of the Service

(4) The Company changed the content of this service

(5) The Company has finished providing this service

(6) Events not caused by our intention or gross negligence

Article 17 (damages)
1. If the user violates the terms and conditions, or if it causes damages to the Company or a third party (including professional expenses such as investigation costs and attorneys’ fees), the user may ask the Company or the third party to do so. , We will be responsible for the damages.

2. If the Company is liable for damages to the user, the scope of the liability shall be limited to the ordinary and direct damage that has occurred directly to the user.

Article 18 (Handling of personal information)
The Company shall properly handle personal information acquired by the Company by using the Service based on the privacy policy separately defined by the Company.

Article 19 (Prohibition of Transfer, etc. of Contractual Position)
1. The user may not assign or lend to the third party the status on this contract, or the rights or obligations arising under this contract, nor shall it be disposed of as collateral, etc. It shall not be.

2. When we transfer the business relating to the sale of this product to a third party, we will give the third party the right of this contract and the rights and obligations under this agreement in connection with that transfer. The user may transfer the information etc. which he / she reported in connection with the purchase of this product and the use of this service, and the user shall consent to these transfer without objection in advance.

Article 20 (Change of Terms of Service)
1. The Company may, at any time, change all or part of the Terms and Conditions.

2. When the Company changes the Terms, the Company shall notify the purpose of changing the Terms, the contents of the Terms after the change, and the timing of its effect, in a manner prescribed by the Company.

Article 21 (Separability)
Even if part of this Agreement, including the Terms, is determined to be invalid by a court decision, etc., only that part will be invalid and the other parts will still be valid.

Article 22 (Government Law)
This Agreement, including these Terms, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Article 23 (Dedicated Consensus Jurisdiction)
The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive agreement jurisdiction of the first trial, in relation to this contract including this agreement.

Created May 6, 2019