The Innovative Pet Product Recommended by 99% of US Veterinarians, Japanese Smart Cat Litter Box “toletta®”


Hachi Tama Inc. has conducted a survey on their toletta® at WVC2020, Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, with 232 veterinarians.

Hachi Tama Inc., a Japanese startup, exhibited toletta® for the first time at WVC 2020.
Toletta®, smart cat litter box, was the No.1 best seller among cat litter category in Amazon Japan on Cyber Monday 2019.

Before the launch in the U.S, Hachi Tama wanted to put their toletta through an evaluation by US veterinarians. Therefore, toletta® exhibited at WVC2020, one of the largest veterinary conferences in the U.S and conducted a survey with participants.

[Survey Overview]
Day: Feb 17-19
Question: “Do you recommend toletta® as a veterinarian?”
How to answer: Put a tiny circle sticker on the answer board, “Yes” or “No”.
Result: 232 answered, Vets (90%) and Technicians (10%)
Yes, 231, Not Sure, 1, No, 0
*Statistical evaluation of this results shows that, with a 95% probability, 94-100% of veterinarians in the U.S. will answer YES.
*Dr. Jeff Werber, one of the well-known veterinarians, praised toletta® at WVC in his Instagram.

Why are so many veterinarians recommending toletta®?

Most cats suffer from urinary diseases such as Chronic Kidney Disease, Cystitis and Urinary stone, etc. The early symptoms of urinary diseases appear in urine volume, frequency and body weight. However, it is difficult for cat owners to measure them every day. Popular Japanese cat litter boxes are different from US ones. Typical Japanese cat litter box has two layers which can separate urine and feces. Toletta® added a patented sensor to this Japanese-style litter box and succeeded in measuring urine volume, frequency and body weight. In addition, a patented camera was added, and the face recognition of the cat was realized using Artificial Intelligence. This has made it possible to know through the app which cats, in which litter boxes, when and how much urine they had excreted. This information is not only a hint for early detection for veterinarians, but also for monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment.Toletta® is a device that provides an innovative means of communication between the owner and the veterinarian.The US launch of toletta® is expected around this summer.Visit for updates from the Hachi Tama team on its progress and product launches.

About Hachi Tama

Hachi Tama is an IoT/AI startup headquartered in Enoshima, which is famous as a “cats’ island in Kanagawa, Japan. Hachi Tama was the Japan representative of Hardware Cup 2018 and featured by the government of Japan in their Twitter and Facebook on Feb 22nd, 2020. For more information on Hachi Tama’s technology and team, visit