Each nyambassador reports
the "life with toletta"
toletta nyambassadors
toletta nyambassadors who wish for healthier and happier lives of cats are delivering their days with toletta.
Please enjoy how tolettas are used at cat-lover households, and also the cats who use toletta to achieve healthier lives.
Kumao's mother, Ms. Rinae Kamata
For rescued cats and animal welfare.
Actively working by establishing "KUMAO Co., Ltd."

Ms. Kamata is living with 2 rescued cats; “Kumao”, a popular cat with his unique appearance and atmosphere and also has an experience of being a cover boy of the magazine, and his younger sister “Koguma”.
“Cats always teach us very important things, and give us oppotunities of challenging. For myself being able to have various experiences such as an establishment of my company and holding events, is also because Kumao and Koguma have taught very important things to me. I would like to work on activities to return those given ideas by them to the society, and help all cats and dogs to live in safe. In the future, I would like to keep studying about grief care* with deep considerations to the owners, which is needed for life-long breeding.” Ms. Kamata said.
Kumao needs daily body weight check for his health care management, however he does not like being held and it is difficult for Ms. Kamata to measure his body weight every day.
Their life with easier daily body weight management by using toletta will start, to achieve much healthier life.
* Grief care is to support someone who grieves by experiencing separation by death from his/her close person or life, to get over the grief.

Ms. Tanimichi and Mr. Nishikimi
Cat lover started
a cat-sitter service and
original cat goods shop

Ms. Tanimichi, a designer, and Mr. Nishikimi, a potter, have started the activity of selling their original cat goods and cat-sitting services with a brand name “conatam” since they had started living with 3 cats, “Tamara”, “Conata”, and “Chito”.
“We have been thinking about something we can do to help constructing happier relationships between cats and people by using our skills. It is the best happiness for us if the cats live their lives as lively as they are, and we get inspirations by their daily lives for our activities as conatam.” they said.
We cannot take our eyes off from conatam’s further activities inspired by healthier and happier days of cats by using toletta.

Ms. Satomi Hasegawa
Lively days of 4 exotic shorthairs and a photgrapher

Ms. Hasegawa is actively working on wide range of activities such as a photographer mainly for pets and kids, and also as a manager of cat goods e-commerce site with a registration of animal handling business.
She lives with 4 exotic shorthairs, and the oldest cat “Azuki” has been diagnosed as the 4th stage of CKD (chronic kidney disease). Azuki is under medical treatmemt by seeing doctor regularly.
“I think the life with cats also includes how we face to diseases. Thus I would like to face it by enjoying it. However, I could not realize the development of CKD, as I have 4 cats at my house and it has been very difficult for me to understand the urinary status of each cat. If I have toletta, it can tell me that information to help the early detection of diseases, and it also can be used for better treatment of diseases.” she told with expectations for toletta.
Please check how she enjoys her life with 4 unique exotic shorthairs, even with fighting against CKD.

Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura
Happy days of
cute chartreux "Dai-chan"

“I used to have a dog when I was a child, thus I have been thinking that dogs are smarter than cats until I started my life with Dai-chan. However, now I think cats are very smart animal that can sense delicate change of human feelings.” Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura told us that their imagination about cats has been totally changed by having Dai-chan in their life.
“Sometimes when we have an argument, Dai-chan comes to settle the situation. However sometimes he doesn’t do such thing at all. lol We are attracted by him as he is very freewheeling.”
As Dai-chan is their first cat to live together, they pay attentions carefully to the changes of Dai-chans health conditions.
Dai-chan is getting health check at the hospital regularly. We cannot take our eyes off from Dai-chan’s days working on health care management at home using toletta.

Ms. Akiyama
Blog articles with experiences
as a veterinary technician supports many cats

A blog “Cat Hospital” managed by Ms. Akiyama has a concept of “live 30 years with precious cats” and delivering information related to cats’ health.
“I have started writing blog articles to help many cats with my experiences of VT (veterinary technician). By getting information from vets, I always update my knowledges about cats’ health. In my blog articles, I use easier words to explain technical terms and difficult contents to make it understandable for general cat owners. The especially popular theme is an article about CKD. It means that many cats are suffering from CKD.”
Of course, her 2 cats “Uruko” and “Pochuko” are also aiming to live for 30 years. She told us that she would like to use her profit from blog site for cat rescue activities, and work on adoption activities of senior cats and the cats suffering from diseases in the future. She will report the usage status of toletta in terms of VT.

Ms. Nattsu.
Days with 2 exotic shorthairs are
illustrated as cute diaries

Ms. Nattsu who lives with 2 exotic shorthairs is mainly working on illustrations, which is also her hobby. Both of her cats have experienced bladder inflammation in the past, she always check their litter box and record the status on her notebook.
“They originally do not urinate a lot, and sometimes they urinate only a once in a day. I used to run up to the litter box when they urinate, and hand-recorded the status on my notebook. If toletta can do it for me, it would be really helpful.”
For their unique shape of face, many exotic shorthairs are not good at drinking water and easy to become dehydrated. Ms. Nattsu. told that she would like to focus on the health care management of her cats by using toletta, as there are some unique troubles for exotic short hairs and also experiences of diseases. She will deliver her reports of using toletta for securing happinesses of her precious cats with lovely illustrations.

Ms. Okazaki
Fun days of beautiful model like cats

Ms. Okazaki is living with 3 cats, “Yomogi” a tortoiseshell with impressively pure emerald green eyes, “Kinako” and “Ohagi”, russian blue mixed brothers with rare hair colors. Ms. Okazaki told us that they all have totally different characteristics.
“They have each roles at home. Yomogi is hot and cold (“tsundere” in Japanses) and like a small cute devil. Kinako is very tender and kind big brother. Ohagi is an attention seeker, like yonger brother.” Ohagi and Kinako has experienced “struvite”, a urinary stone, and Ms. Okazaki is carefully checking their food, drinking water, and urinary status.
“As they have a blood of russian blue, they are easy to harm kidney. Thus I always check their litter box status carefully. Once we receive toletta, I will check their number and volume of urines everyday to prevent diseases!”

Ms. nocoa2525
A fun big animal family with 4 cats and a dog!

Ms. nocoa2525 is enjoying her lively life with rescued 4 cats and a dog.
“As Noah and Coco is over 10 years old already, I give them daily supplements to prevent diseases. I am carefully watching my cats’ urinary status, as some of them have experienced urinary tract stone and bladder inflammation before.”
A management of litter box is a common trouble for those who live with multiple cats. She always try to check their urinary status by keeping her eyes on when they use litter boxes, however it was actually very difficult for her to moitor 24/7 and thus monitoring has not been perfect. However, now she has great expectation for toletta, as toletta can manage each cat’s usage status of litter box automatically.
“I am also working as a cat collar creater to help cat rescue activities. In the future, I would like to take part in the activities in other ways too.” It will be worth keeping our eyes on her cat-loving life with toletta.

Ms. Nanamin
A better life an IoT girl and her cats aim to

Ms. Nanamin is working on a development of new business to change the society with technologies. “Kedama” and “Run Run” are her first cats to live together.
“To be honest, I used to hate cats, as I had a trauma of being chased by a stray cat when I was a child. About a year ago, I touched household cat for the first time in my life, and have been shocked by their cuteness and now I am crazy about them.”
A tender and friendly cat “Kedama” and hot and cold (“tsundere” in Japanese) naughty cat “Run Run”. Ms. Nanamin is usually a lady of reason, however those cats caught her heart beyond the reason.
“When I have started the stand-alone house life with cats, I also started writing blog articles about improvement of inconveniences and efficiencies of life with IoT technology. I am testing by myself what happens when IoT becomes natural at normal household, if our values change, or if the life really becomes better or not.”
We cannot take our eyes off from her IoT life, as it is very curious how it will change when toletta is added.