Toletta Trial @ Banfield - Try Automatic Health Monitoring System for Cats!

Automatic Health
Monitoring System
for Cats!Toletta Trial @ Banfield

About Trial

  • 100 units giveaway
  • Free
  • Trial term 4/1 - 4/21
Our goal:

Getting feedback about toletta toward the launch in the U.S.

Detail & Apply

What is toletta?

Smart Cat Litter Box:

Automatic health monitoring system


What you do in the trial

  • Using toletta from 4/1 to 4/21
  • Giving us your feedback

What we provide

  • toletta
  • Special sand
  • Cat pads
  • Instruction
  • Support

Checklist before the application

* we might choose the participants depending on the area you live and your occupation to have diverse feedbacks

Technical Information

Usefulness of weight monitoring in CKD

Weight loss before the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD)

Monitoring weight might be useful for the earlier detection than the current methods using SDMA and others

Estimated body weight changes by age group at the time of diagnosis in cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD) for cats in International Renal Interest Society (IRIS) stage 1 or 2. Age group 1 < 13.0 years (blue line), age group 2 = 13.0– <15.0 years (red line), age group 3 = 15.0– <16.5 years (green line), and age group 4 ≥ 16.5 years (purple line). Data show combined results for male and female cats.
Freeman et al J Vet Intern Med 2016;30:1661‒1666

Literature about toletta

Visualization of urination behavior

Toletta alerts the owner to any abnormalities in the cat's urination. This can help in early detection and early vets visits.

Toletta data of a cat with cystitis
* visit time: How many times the cat came into the litter box

Veterinarian Recommendation

Jane Brunt, DVM
CATalyst Council Executive Director
American Association of Feline Practitioners Past President

Cat health will benefit exponentially when cat parents use connected devices to monitor their daily activities. Even slight changes in a cat’s normal behavior can be indicators of severe sicknesses. It’s so difficult for a cat parent to know when their cat is becoming ill, and IoT solutions are a game changer for cat health! Toletta is at the top of my list.


Customer Support

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