Before purchase

Preparation for introduction of toletta

Q: What should I have for toletta to work?

A: Please have:
-Wifi environment (2.4GHz band) -Home power supply (AC100V)
-Prepare to replace all cat litter boxes at home with toletta -Installation place (width 43.6cm x depth 54.8cm x height 30.3cm)
-A scoop (Toletta does not come with a scoop) -Sand for the litter box system (type that does not collapse / absorb)
-litter box seat (commercial product that fits urine tray 42cm x width 29cm)
-registration cat photos*

*The cat picture you register will be used as a cat icon on the app, as well as helping the AI learn to identify your cat amongst other cats.
Check the following precautions;
-Cat’s face is clear and centered.
-Cat is not covered or wearing anything that covers them.
-No other cats are visible.
-Must be an unprocessed color photo.

Q: What should I do If my cat doesn’t use toletta?
A: Since cats are not good at dramatic environmental changes, we recommend that you just gradually let it happen, specifically: Let the cat get used to toletta.
What you can do includes:
-installing toletta in the same place your previous litter box was.
-Some cats are not good with lights so install it without turning on the power until the cat is used to it.
-Put the cat in toletta and let it smell
-If you used sand that hardens prior to the introduction of toletta, mix the sand you once used with the sand that is compatible with toletta (a type that will not break down the system) and gradually reduce the sand you used before over time until your cat is used to the sand that is compatible with toletta.

About specifications

Q: What is required?
A: A 2.4 GHz band (802.11 b /g /n ), WIFI environment, abd a household power supply (100 to 240 VAC) are required per unit.
It can only be used in Japan at the moment, not internationally.

Q: When placing multiple toletta, can I check the data altogether?
A: Multiple sets of data can be managed by one account.
Data integration is possible for any number of toletta units in your home.

Q: Can I identify similar cats? How many cants can be identified? 
A: Any number of cats can be identified as long as the owner can distinguish them by looking at the photos. (For the first few days of use, it is necessary for toletta to learn how to remember each cat. At that time, the owner will identify and register each cat, you can identify as many as you want.)

Q: If the room is dark, can toletta still recognize each cat?
A: There is an LED light attached to toletta’s camera, so it will recognize the cat even in darkness.
The LED light is always on.

Q: The LED light is too bright? 
A: The amount of light is necessary to recognize the cat’s face.
Thank you for understanding.

Q: Why do you use a camera to identify the individual cats?
A: Some cats are not good with collars and tags and it is a huge burden on them to keep wearing collars and tags every day and might even cause them stress and skin problems.

Q: If there is only one cat, is it necessary to use a camera? If not then will the price be cheaper?
A: toletta will only be sold with the camera, please understand.

Q: What is the size of toletta?
A: External dimensions:
Housing part: Width 43.6cm x depth 54.8 cm x height 30.0cm
Space part: W 38.4 cm x D 49.4cm x H 22.5cm
Entrance height 15.4cm

Q. How heavy is toletta? 
A. About 3.3kg.

Q: How much power does it take?
A: About 7200WH in 30 days.

Q: Which parts can be washed? 
A: All parts can be washed except the camera and weight plate.
It is always possible to keep the unit clean.

Q: Is everything included?
A: A scoop is not included, nor are consumable items, please prepare these things.

Q: Can I access toletta from multiple smartphones?
A: Yes, for example, family members can share toletta information.

Q: Can I use it without a smartphone? 
A: No, a smartphone is required for the app.

Q: Does the app support Android and iPhone ? 
A: Both are supported.
Supported OS includes AndroidTM 5.0 or later and iOS 10 or later.

Q: Can I use litter boxs other than toletta? 
A: All litter boxs must be toletta for the app to work.
When other litter boxs are also used, the data can’t be measured accurately.

Q: Does toletta give diagnoses?
A: Toletta is not a medical device and cannot diagnose, it can only give data.
Consult with a veterinarian for diagnosis.

Q: Does the weight of sand affect the measurement? 
A: There is no effect.
However, about 15 minutes after adding sand, no data will be transmitted even if the cat enters toletta.

About care

Q: Which parts can be washed? 
A: All parts can be washed except the camera and weight plate.
It is always possible to keep the unit clean.


About consumables

Q: Need any special litter or sheets?
A: No special litter or sheets are required.

Q: What kind of litter and sheet can be used? 
A: Any type of litter that is commercially available for system litter boxs and that doesn’t collapse can be used with toletta.
Smaller types of litter are not recommended because they tend to clog the system.

Q: Can I used solidified litter?
A: You can only use litter that is compatible with the system litter box and that doesn’t collapse.

About trouble

Q: Some parts are broken. 
A. You can purchase parts individually.

Q. It seems to have broken down 
A. We will inform you of the status of the defect and exchange it for free or for a fee.